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AUDITIONS: After The Dance Sunday 28th July (3-5pm) and Tuesday 30th July (7.30-10pm)

A reminder that auditions for the autumn production, After The Dance, will be held on Sunday 28th July (3-5pm) and Tuesday 30th July (7.30-10pm) at Braywood School Hall,  Oakley Green Rd, Oakley Green, Windsor SL4 4QF.

Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings from the end of August 2019. Sunday rehearsals to be included from October 2019

Performances: 19th-23rd November 2019

Play synopsis: Set in the mid-late 1930s, we are a fly-on-the-wall viewing the lives of the ScottFowlers in their fashionable Mayfair penthouse apartment. David Scott-Fowler, being a successful writer, likes to work hard and play hard. He and his wife Joan still enjoy the hedonistic days of the 1920s and show no signs of slowing down. His younger cousin Peter and partner Helen both try to coax them out of their irresponsible ways, which leads to David forming a relationship with Helen. The scene is set for betrayal, unrequited love and self-destruction.

Cast breakdown (playing ages are a guide only):

John Reid – The Scott-Fowlers’ long-term free-loading lodger. Enjoys his lack of responsibility in life and the lifestyle that David and Joan have led so far (30s-50s, m)

Benedict Cumberbatch as the agonized David and Nancy Carroll as the tormented Joan in 2010’s National Theatre production of After The Dance

Peter Scott-Fowler – The younger cousin of David and stepping out with Helen. Hardworking, naïve and stoic. Both in awe of and judgemental of David. (20 s-early 30s, m)

Williams – The Scott-Fowlers’ butler. Diligent, discrete and careful. All the qualities a good manservant should have. (50+, m)

Joan Scott-Fowler – Enjoys the lifestyle David and herself lead, however, cannot help but feel that their lives are empty. (late 20s-40s, f)

Helen Banner – Ingénue writer and typist. Impressionable, determined and naïve. Feels David is drinking himself to an early death and yearns to do something about it (20s, f)

Dr. George Banner – Newly qualified medical doctor. Earnest, considered and thoughtful. Can possibly double with Lawrence Walters. (20s, m)

Julia Browne – Superficial and fawning socialite. Owns property close to the Scott-Fowlers and is constantly on the party scene. (30s-40s, f)

Cyril Carter – Cockney friend of Julia. Can double with Arthur Power (20s-30s, m)

David Scott-Fowler – Successful historical writer. Enjoys his hedonistic lifestyle. Finds himself quite taken with Helen. (30s-40s, m)

Moya Lexington – Party guest. (20s-40s, f)

Lawrence Walters – Party guest. Can possibly double with George Banner. (20s, m)

Arthur Power – Party guest. Can possibly double with Cyril Carter. (20s-30s, m)

Miss Potter – Hired as a typist. (40s-50s, f)

Playing ages are a guide only. Auditionees are only required to attend one of the two audition sessions and do not need to prepare any pieces. If anyone is unable to attend on these dates but wishes to be considered, please contact the director using the details below. For any other queries, the director, Adrian Tang, can be contacted on or 07875336198.

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