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Blood Wedding: Cast List

Auditions for Blood Wedding took place last week and, with only one role awaiting confirmation, the cast list can be found below.

The company are all looking forward to the first full read-through on Tuesday and getting started with the creation of this piece ready for the Old Court Theatre in the Spring [31 March to 4 April 2020].

For anyone interested, BBC Radio Four’s ‘In Our Time’ has a program currently on-demand about Blood Wedding’s playwright Federico Garcia Lorca. Click here to listen.

Blood Wedding cast

Mother – Bridget Aujla
Neighbour – Rachel Faulkner
Leonardo – Joe Gomershall
Wife – Daisy Shrimpton
Mother in Law – Sabina Trowbridge
Servant – Mercedes Porcel Martin
Father – Duncan Reed
Bride – Alicia Coker
Woodcutters – Robert Harris & Robert Lee
Moon – Chris Malbon
Beggar Woman – Patricia O’Brien
Girls – Amber Pulling, Pauline Herbommez, Elaine Burton, Ella Harris
Groom – to be confirmed

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