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A note from the director…

We are now running whole Acts for After The Dance and making sure everything is joined up.

The stagger-through, where we went through the whole play for the first time, went swimmingly well. Books are now fully down and it feels like the production is coming together.

We have good and bad news on the casting of Peter Scott-Fowler. The good news is we have found someone to fill the role, the bad news is that it will be myself stepping into the breach!

This has been an interesting challenge for both me and the cast. For me it is trying to watch it as much as possible whilst remembering the lines. For the cast, having to cope with someone being parachuted in. We have all taken it into our stride and looking forward to what comes out from this unexpected turn of events.

We are also adding the iconic music of the era to the rehearsal process. Hearing the beautiful melodies composed from the likes of George Gershwin and Al Jolson is a great way to get everyone in the swing of things.

This will be my last update until the show week so I look forward to seeing you at either The Guildhall or the Castle Hotel for the performances of this wonderfully written play.

Adrian Tang


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