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MID-DREAM: Halfway Through Our Summer Show

Summer is finally here and so is our Dream!

Last weekend WTG resurrected its outdoor summer show with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The sun was shining, the evenings were warm, the refreshments tent was pitched – and it’s happening all over again this weekend. So book your tickets, pack your picnic and head down to Foxleigh Grove.

It really has been a dream come true to direct this classic play with Windsor Theatre Guild and all the company – cast & crew – have been a dream to work with. And, of course, the script and story – indeed any Shakespeare – is a dream for an artist. But particularly wonderful to work on this piece with fellow artists that, at its heart, celebrates a love of theatre and the passion that we pour into our work.

It famously features a play and players within the play, showcasing stagecraft as part of ritual, revelry and for riotous fun. As a writer and theatre-maker, I wanted to explore and foreground the role of Quince – the playwright and creator of the Mechanicals production. Far be it from me to take too many liberties with Shakespearean text – it has stood up incredibly for more than 400 years after all – but by swapping the first two scenes, our Dream now starts with Quince’s imagination and scribblings, therefore bringing the audience straight into my vision of his vision.

Wishing the very best to all at Windsor Theatre Guild as they celebrate their 80th anniversary and we look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Foxleigh Grove for a magical night…

Anna Jones, Director

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