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UPDATE: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As rehearsals and each of the acts and scenes for the Dream shape up, and the company start learning lines, discovering their characters, working out exits and entrances – we are
finding plenty of fun, many moving moments and lots of magic in this most remarkable play by Shakespeare.

We now have a full cast, with the roles of Snug and Egeus both being played by David Chapman.

I am also struck by the wider care and creativity that is going into making this piece of theatre – through the production team who it is a great privilege to work with. As part of the summer show we have local musician Rob Harris who is writing an original score for this Dream, highlights of which include ‘Philomel’ Titania Fairy Queen’s lullaby and ‘Until The Break of Day’ Oberon Fairy King’s blessing to the three sets of newly-weds at the end of the play – which will be performed live and sung and accompanied by our versatile cast members.

The careful consideration and creative thinking that goes into everything ‘behind the scenes’ is also incredible – Windsor Theatre Guild has a fantastic treasure trove of costumes and props and it has been wonderful to select items with the helpful and knowledgeable team there. They are also using professional floristry skills to create the most beautiful natural headdresses for some of the characters.

Our most recent production meeting also highlighted the experience, thought and creative juices that (like Puck’s magic flower) are applied to turn the script into magic – light, sound, special effects…

And our production manager and all-round amazing woman is thinking and making daily so we have lanterns for moons, tails for dogs and lions, flowers for bouquets, goblets for weddings, fur for Bottom’s head, leather-bound books for Athenian law – the list goes on and on…

The production team is also, and perhaps most importantly, making much preparation to make the audience experience at the beautiful outdoor Foxleigh site memorable and comfortable – we are very much looking forward to welcoming you all there this midsummer!

Anna Jones, director

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