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14th-18th DECEMBER 2021

Forever Yours,

A humorous romp of mistaken identities, dastardly plots, revenge and a relentless cardinal bent on the destruction of the scandalous Casanova!

The year is 1770 and this chapter of the infamous lover’s story runs deep with deception, passion, betrayal and romance. Has the lover gone too far this time? Will his passion prove to be his undoing?

Find out in the world premiere of this brand new comedy directed by Karen Hanley and performed by the Windsor Theatre Guild, your local community theatre group.


It's Quiz Time again!

Please join us at the George Inn, Eton for a fun Quiz night with a number of rounds - don't worry, there won't be "Windsor Theatre Guild" as a specialist subject!

The George Inn, Eton

Friday, 12th November

Past Shows

Twelfth Night

We returned to the 3-D world of face-to-face theatre in summer 2021 with the ageless Twelfth Night. 


Shakespeare's great comedy of love, mistaken identity, and mischievous tricks, was placed in an innovative new setting at a 1920's seaside hotel, with original music.


Director Adrian Tang staged the show in the round, which gave it an intimacy that matched the show's themes perfectly.


The Tyttesfield Manor Murders

When people were stuck for fabulous things to do in miserable lockdown January 2021, WTG Productions blasted them out of their malaise with “The Tyttesfield Manor Murders”.


Set in 1933, a huge scandal  exposed a tale of aristocratic debauchery, murderous lower orders, and niche underwear.


This scandal had people aghast with horror, gripped with suspense, and moist with anticipation…

After the Dance poster.jpg

After The Dance

Premiering in June 1939, Terence Rattigan's After The Dance follows the decadent married lives of David and Joan Scott-Fowler in their Mayfair penthouse apartment. 


David's work as a successful writer has allowed them both to enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle with their frivolous friends for over a decade.  It has even allowed David's old school friend John, and younger cousin, Peter, to live with them. 

However, the equilibrium is shattered on the arrival of Peter's sweetheart, Helen Banner, who is determined to make David sober up, start again, and become a hard-working member of society.  The stage is set for betrayal, unrequited love, and a challenge to the shallow lives of the elite.

After The Dance

Brief description of After The Dance