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Tyttesfield Manor Murders

When people were stuck for fabulous things to do in miserable lockdown January 2021, WTG Productions blasted them out of their malaise with “The Tyttesfield Manor Murders”.


Set in 1933, a huge scandal  exposed a tale of aristocratic debauchery, murderous lower orders, and niche underwear. This scandal had people aghast with horror, gripped with suspense, and moist with anticipation…the whole incredible story was recreated live on Zoom, with a crack cast sparing no measure to bring our gorgeous audience great entertainment, guilty laughter, and mild arousal…

PS Should you wish to watch the show in the members area, please be advised there is no swearing or nudity, but people unamused by low humour should be advised that UK Gold are showing endless repeats of the Antiques Roadshow as an alternative

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